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Health Improvement Planning & Implementation

Community health partnerships involving health departments, hospitals, government agencies, community and regional nonprofits, and local businesses have been using our Community Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) tools to develop and implement collaborative health improvement plans for priority issues in their communities. The CBSC strategy maps they have developed have been used to align the efforts of numerous partners to focus on desired health outcomes. CBSC tools were designed for achieving outcomes that cannot be achieved by a single organization, making them ideal for community, regional, or state health improvement efforts that depend on partnerships among many organizations. These tools provide additional benefits for public health departments and nonprofit hospitals:

CBSC tools can build upon programs already used in many communities, such as Mobilizing Action through Planning & Partnerships (MAPP) of the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO).  MAPP communities (such as Hunterdon County, St. Clair County, and Osceola County below) have been using CBSC tools, and NACCHO and the national MAPP Work Group have been using them for national MAPP planning.

Project Highlights

We have helped community partnerships develop strategies and plans for a range of health improvement goals, including reducing obesity, increasing child wellness, eliminating preventable chronic disease, improving youth behavioral health outcomes, increasing access to care, improving social supports, and addressing determinants of health.  They have been using CBSC strategy maps to build community support for change and obtain implementation commitments from partners. For example:

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