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Recording of Webinar Available for Free Viewing

Community Balanced Scorecards to Improve Public Health Collaboration

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The presentation is 55 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of answers to questions submitted by the "live" audience.

This free webinar presents a powerful approach for improving the coordination, alignment, and strategic management of multi-organization efforts to address the health issues facing communities today. No single organization can have sufficient impact on issues like childhood obesity, chronic disease prevention, smoking, or behavioral health.   Yet, in most communities, the fragmentation of efforts undermines the improvements that could be achieved if the efforts were better aligned and coordinated. In Spring 2009, five counties agreed to participate in a pilot program to explore the value of this approach.  This webinar shares some of the benefits and lessons learned by the participants in Stage 1 of this pilot program. It also presents options for how local health departments, hospitals, and other organizations can economically begin to benefit from these powerful techniques and tools. 

Key Topics

Sample feedback from people who attended this webinar:

“This CBSC [Community Balanced Scorecard] is unique in its kind and a serious attempt to tackle the complexity of collaborations"

“This is an excellent presentation for any local public health agency wanting to move their MAPP process from theory to practice.”

“Excellent 'outside the box' thinking about how to use technology!”

“The whole presentation was useful. I especially liked the speakers who came across very well. Thank you again for an interesting presentation.”

“I liked your demonstrations of projects currently in action.”

“I especially appreciated the visual of an integrated planning and management system.”

Register Here to View the Free Webinar

This online seminar was presented live on Oct. 6, 2009 by the Results That Matter Team and Insightformation, Inc.

Webinar Leaders:

Paul Epstein, Results That Matter Team leader, Epstein & Fass Associates, drew on extensive management and consulting experience and practice-based research to lead development of the Community Balanced Scorecard (CBSC) and Effective Community Governance (ECG), selected by the Public Health Foundation (PHF) as models to bring a new strategic community focus to public health quality improvement. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award in performance measurement from the American Society for Public Administration, is co-author of three chapters on applying ECG and CBSC to public health in a new PHF handbook (American Society for Quality, 2009), and author or lead author of three books on public performance management.

Bill Barberg is President and founder of Insightformation, Inc., a management and technology consulting company based in Minneapolis, MN. Mr. Barberg is a globally-recognized expert in the Balanced Scorecard methodology, Business Intelligence, and Strategy-Aligned Management. He has written many articles for magazines and is a frequent conference and workshop speaker. Mr. Barberg has helped over 30 organizations with Balanced Scorecard Projects.