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Summer 2007
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The Works in Progress in this issue start and end with a focus on accountability for results, from how auditors can use Effective Community Governance (ECG), to guidelines for public performance reporting. In between we go to Russia, where the Siberian ECG pilot has garnered attention and catalyzed an emerging effort to share successful community development approaches for increasing replication across the country. Read on to download new ECG one-sheets and to visit the Community Balanced Scorecard webinar archive.

Works in Progress
Auditors and Effective Community Governance

Auditors can use ECG to frame the context of their government auditing practice. Auditors can use the ECG model, improvement themes, and good practices as criteria to assess effective governance practices in the government they audit, including performance management, relevance and use of performance measures, citizen engagement, and accountability for results. Downloadable good practice checklists and a worksheet for assessing citizen engagement roles are provided.

Effective Community Governance Pilot Presented at World Bank Conference, Leads to Special Russia Donor Forum Meeting

The successes and challenges of implementing the Effective Community Governance (ECG) pilot project in six Siberian communities were presented to officials of the Russian Federation and international investors and consultants in Moscow. At an ensuing technical meeting of people involved in the ECG program and a World Bank rural Russia local governance program, participants identified the need to widely share more approaches and replicate successful models of community engagement and improvement being tested across Russia. That led to a special meeting of the Russia Donors Forum, at which implementing and investing organizations made presentations to share many approaches, including the ECG model.

Standard Setters in the United States and Canada Move Toward Recommending Government Performance Reporting Practices

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board is moving from research to an active board project to promote guidelines for state and local governments to effectively communicate their results to the public. In Canada, the Public Sector Accounting Board has already acted, having issued a Statement of Recommended Practice on Public Performance Reporting. These actions are intended to help citizens and elected officials learn what progress their government is making on issues and services they care about, and they bolster a growing trend towards public accountability for results.

ECG Resources
Effective Community Governance One-sheets

By request, we created downloadable one-sheets to help you summarize the model and key ECG themes for North American and international development audiences. For more information, see the ECG home page.

Community Balanced Scorecard Webinars

In two free, archived webinars, Results That Matter authors Paul Epstein and Lyle Wray outline the "Community Balanced Scorecard," which unites the strategy-alignment power fo the balanced scorecard with the citizen-driven, results-based power of Effective Community Governance (ECG) for stronger, more strategic ways to improve communities.

The webinars feature a framework for a Community Balanced Scorecard with perspectives derived from the ECG Model, and samples strategy maps and indicators based on strategies of successful community development and improvement collaborations in the U.S. and abroad.

The Community Balanced Scorecard webinars are archived at the Strategy Aligned Management-Local Government website and run 45-60 minutes. Free registration on the site is required.

Effective Community Governance Model

"Effective community governance" refers to a set of ideas to help people and organizations become more effective at improving communities. When community leaders, public and nonprofit managers, and citizens use these ideas to their fullest, they will not only achieve one-time improvement, they will also foster a continual cycle of community renewal and improvement. Members of the Results That Matter team all share a strong belief in results-based governance of communities and results-based management of community-serving organizations.

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