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The Results That Matter Team helps clients get the most value from best practices in strategy management, performance management, collaboration, and community engagement. Our signature methodologies are based on research we've conducted in innovative organizations and communities throughout the U.S. and abroad.



Performance Management Resouces: A presentation, article, and papers for free download on performance management systems and related performance measurement and governance and info with links to books with chapters on these topics.

Our recorded webinar, Community Balanced Scorecards (CBSCs) to Meet Public Health Challenges, draws on experiences of state & local health departments & community health partnerships, and includes how CBSCs help with strategic planning, health improvement planning, and accreditation. Now available for free viewing. More …

The Public Health Foundation has posted a paper on performance management systems in public health by Paul Epstein and fellow PHF quality consultants Jack Moran and Les Beitsch.

Measuring Services that Help Other Programs Succeed. See our brief paper or join a LinkedIn discussion on this topic.

The cover story of the March 2012 issue of ICMA's Public Management is by Lyle Wray & Paul Epstein on using a Community Results Toolkit to Harness the Power of Community Collaborations

The Public Health Foundation has included our "Triple Loop Learning Model" as a leading "Performance Management Application in Public Health" that builds organization learning on quality improvement in its "refresh" of the Turning Point Performance Management framework.

The University of Wisconsin & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's County Health Rankings Project included CBSC Strategy Maps as "Suggested Tools" to "clearly define your strategy" with our "Community Balanced Scorecards and MAPP" as an example.

See our 2012 Community Indicators Consortium conference presentations "Community Balanced Scorecards for Collective Impact" (by Paul Epstein) and "Community Results Toolkit: From Community Indicators to Results" (by Lyle Wray)

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions on Community Balanced Scorecards in Public & Community Health

Free access is available to the article on our QI & Evaluation Coaching project with NACCHO by Anne Drabczyk, Paul Epstein, & Martha Marshall in the Journal of Public Health Management Practice: "A Quality Improvement Initiative to Enhance Public Health Workforce Capabilities"

See our 2012 APHA conference presentation "CBSCs for Leading Collaborative Strategies to Achieve Community Health Outcomes" and our 2011 APHA conference presentation "Use CBSCs to Mesh Strategic Planning, Health Improvement Planning, and Accreditation"

Public health organizations have been writing Community Balanced Scorecards (CBSCs) into grant applications. To learn how CBSCs and related software will make grant projects more effective and grant applications more competitive, download this brief paper (PDF)

CBSCs work well with the widely-used framework for improving community health systems, "Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships" (MAPP). NACCHO's MAPP Team and Work Group have used CBSC tools for strategic planning to improve MAPP from the national to local levels. Learn how CBSC is well matched with MAPP, and about opportunities to use CBSC tools with MAPP.

The CBSC is an ideal system for state, local, tribal, & territorial health departments in the CDC National Public Health Improvement Initiative. NPHII grantees Delaware and New York State are using CBSC tools for strategic planning, health improvement planning, and accreditation prep. Find out how CBSC provides an outcome-focused way to improve public health infrastructure in this brief paper (PDF) and how CBSC provides a strategic approach to accreditation preparation in this brief paper (PDF)

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